Alexa Skills Marketing:
Designed for social media. We experimented with different layouts, using lifestyle images with and without devices. Then just using the devices alone with the skill icon. Our goal was to get people to interact with Alexa by saying the different utterances. 

Email design for Song Quiz Gold:
A premium service. Song quiz gold was offering a 7-day free trial.

Hackathon 2017 t-shirt / sticker:
Every year, teams across Amazon are encouraged to participate in hackathons. They strive to come up with innovative ideas that could be used for new products. I thought it would be cool to shorten the name hackathon to hack. Using our brand font and colors, It fits nicely inside the square speech bubble. 
NFL Hats Campaign:
During the 2017 season, Alexa shopping offered special deals on NFL hats. You could receive the special offer by asking "Alexa, what are your NFL deals?" or "Alexa, order a Seattle Seahawks hat." based on your city team. I came up with a playbook style theme with team branded colors. Emails were targeted to specific cities with their team hat.

Alexa Pet Week Campaign:
Alexa shopping offered special deals on pet products, ranging from food to toys. You could receive special deals by asking "Alexa, what are your pet deals?" The colors, pets and wave create a fun and energetic style. We wanted to reinforce voice shopping by showing the echo device with the products.

Various onsite placements for desktop and mobile

Alexa Back to School campaign

Various onsite placements for desktop and mobile
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