Microsoft HoloLens icon concepts

Icon design for Amazon Gold Box. The original on the left was complex, outdated, and bulky. The goal was to simplify and give it a clean flat modern look. Making it scalable and easy to recognize across all devices.

Native Tours offers authentic excursions. Travelers can visit local indigenous communities and experience their customs, food, and beliefs. 50% of the profits are invested in projects that protect the environment and improve living conditions in the local communities. The logo captures the history, culture, and landscape of Peru. 
Proposed logo for an e-commerce company, specializing in Amazon sales, marketing, and product fulfillment management. They wanted something minimal, clean, and modern without an icon. I found a nice clean font and customized some of the letters. I extended part of the letter k. I added some subtle slices on the ends of the other letters to match the angle of the k.
Designed for Sports Illustrated Play. An Adidas sponsored event. 
Designed for Sports Illustrated Play. CFBBA is located in Carrollton, TX. They offer leagues for ages 3-18.
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