Animated Display Ads:
These ads were featured on and The target audience were crafters and makers who have not yet heard about the glowforge printer. These frames were designed in photoshop, showing the progression of the animation. I used the brand font, teal color and images from the new photo shoot. I created a fade in/out technique that would reveal the next frame. After the concepts were final, it was handed off to a motion designer. 
Facebook Carousel Ads:
I used images from the photo shoot, similar to the animated ads. I chose to anchor the glowforge logo in the right corner, so that it would not interfere with the product shot. Swiping right to left would reveal the next frame.
Email Concepts:
Experimented with branding, copy, different layouts, and product arrangements.
Community Board Concept:
Here you can read about customer projects, maker spotlight, product reviews, tip of the day, and latest news on social media. The board on the right shows the hover state when you mouse over the image. Then when you click on a section it will take you to the detail or landing page. I experimented with an all cap typography treatment and added a secondary purple color to compliment the teal color.
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